​​Other patient and stakeholder groups

Stakeholder Locality Groups (SLGs)

SLGs include a wide range of stakeholders, such as GP’s, practice managers and nurses, as well as representatives from Surrey County Council, local borough councils, local voluntary organisations and PPG representatives.  There are three of these groups (one for each locality within the CCGs area), meeting quarterly to discuss topical issues that may impact on local healthcare.

Locality Patient Reference Groups (LPRGs)

LPRGs are more informal groups where PPG representatives from the SLG can meet to discuss specific issues and concerns within their localities.  These meetings are also held quarterly, normally after the SLGs.

Patient and Public Engagement Forum (PPEF)

This forum operates at the highest level, and feeds in directly to the CCG Governing Body through the forum Chair, who sits on the Governing Body as Lay Member for Patient and Public Involvement.  The forum is attended by six patient representatives nominated from PPGs across the three localities, as well as representatives from local voluntary and community organisations. 

If you’d like more information on getting involved with the work of the CCG, please contact the Communications and Engagement Team on 01372 232 463 or email nwsccg.comms@nhs.net

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