​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Improving community services in Surrey


Last year the NHS and County Council in Surrey began work on planning and improving community services for the future, making sure that people’s needs are at the centre of our planning.

In April 2017 the current contract for community services will come to an end.  In securing a new contract we have the opportunity to transform the way services are provided, working with patients, staff and wider stakeholders to make sure we get this right.

What do we mean by Community Services? 

​Community health services help people get well and stay well without having to travel too far from home.  These services are offered in many different places, including:

  • in people's own homes
  • in clinics in the community
  • in other community settings, like GP surgeries, children's centres and schools.

There are lots of different types of community services, such as:

  • community nursing
  • adult rehabilitation and therapies
  • rapid response services to keep older people out of hospital and support them after they have left hospital
  • specialist services focusing on people with specific needs such as diabetes
  • physiotherapy
  • podiatry
  • children's services including health visitors, school nursing and services for children with complex needs
  • community dietetics

Last year we worked with CCGs across Surrey and the County Council to undertake some early engagement with patients and stakeholders about how services could be improved.  A number of events were held and the output of those can be seen here​  along with how we are using this information to improve services for the future.

Taking a more local approach for Adult Services

Whereas this began as a county-wide programme, each CCG has now decided to take a more localised approach to securing adult community service, allowing us to take into account local population needs and priorities in a more targeted way. 

Our vision for North-West Surrey

In North-West Surrey we have a clear vision for developing more integrated health and care services for our local population.  Central to this is the development of excellent integrated community services to provide a more holistic service, tailored to the needs of individuals.

This new ‘model of care’, which we see starting to develop from 2017 onwards, focuses on creating organised and coordinated ‘out of hospital’ care as the main route for meeting a person’s health and care needs (as opposed to relying too much on hospital services), with much closer relationships between primary care, community services, mental health, social care and the voluntary sector.

Transforming the way we provide adult community services is key to realising our vision and securing a new contract gives us the opportunity to make a real change.

Engaging patients and stakeholders

Listening to patients, clinicians and other stakeholders is critical in helping us get this right. 
As well as the Surrey-wide engagement that has taken place (referenced above), we have held two further ‘co-design’ engagement events in North West Surrey during February.  The output from these events and how this is being fed into the overall process can be found here. ​

If you are a current adult community services user, you are invited to join the Adult Community Services Patient Advisory Group.  Please email communications.engagementteam@nwsurreyccg.nhs.uk​ for full information.  Also contact us if you have any queries or comments about the service.

You may also have your say by writing to:

Adult Community Services Procurement

North West Surrey Clinical Commissioning Group

58 Church Street


Surrey KT13 8DP

If you are interested in the new Adult Community Services, please check this page regularly for updates.  

Timeline – where are we in the process?

The process went live at the end of January, when we invited organisations interested in working with us to come forward.  The overall timeline is as follows:

  • April – June:   CCG working with organisations who are proposing to bid to refine plans.
  • July – September 2016:  CCG will select organisation/s to work with and undertake more in-depth planning.
  • September 2016 – April 2017:  planning and setting up new service provision.
  • April 2017 – organisation/s begins providing services.

What’s happening with Children’s Community services?

The six CCGs in Surrey – North West Surrey, Guildford & Waverley, North East Hants & Farnham, Surrey Heath, Surrey Downs and East Surrey – are working in partnership with Surrey County Council and NHS England to procure Children’s Community Services for the county.  This is being led by Guildford & Waverley CCG on behalf of the Surrey CCGs, and more information on the process and timeline can be found here.

Useful documents

Community Services- Vision Strategic Principles v5 FINAL.docx