​​​​Looking after your mental health ​

Fear of stigma or discrimination means that many people with mental health problems are afraid to talk about their condition, which in turn can make them feel very isolated and alone.

Mental health covers a whole range of conditions, including anxiety, depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), phobias, eating disorders and dementia, as well as Seasonable Affective Disorder (SAD), which is a form of depression that people often experience in dark winter months. There are also the more severe conditions of bipolar disorder, psychosis and schizophrenia.

​​Emotional and Mental Wellbeing – psychological therapies ​

There is now a free, confidential NHS psychological therapy service that anyone aged 18 or over can contact directly, as long as they are registered with a GP in North West Surrey:

  • Spelthorne
  • Runnymede
  • West Elmbridge (Walton, Weybridge, Hersham)
  • Woking

Safe Haven Café​

North West Surrey CCG has a Safe Haven Café in Woking, offering immediate support to people on the verge of or having a mental health cri​sis.  Go to the Safe Haven Cafe page to find out more

Community Connections 

Community Connections is local voluntary sector support for mental health and emotional wellbeing. They offer services aimed at all levels of mental health need, including:
  • One-to-one support
  • Support groups
  • Activities, volunteering
  • Support can be short or long-term, depending on need

This service is for people with a diagnosed mental health condition as well as for those who may be isolated or anxious and attend the GP practice frequently. 

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