How we work​

Our Constitution

Our constitution explains the details of our governance arrangements, our committees and the various functions they carry out. You can view the North West Surrey CCG Constitution or go to our Governing Body page to find out more.

Our organisational structure

The following diagram provides a brief summary of our organisational structure:

                                    GOVERNANCE MODEL​

Our management support team

The following table lists the functions performed by the management support team based in Weybridge, which exists to help the doctors and other healthcare professionals in the CCG to carry out their roles. Each function is jointly led by a clinical chief (a GP) and an executive director, all of whom sit on our Governing Body page


Management functions

Finance & Performance directorate

Quality & Innovation directorate

Corporate Development & Assurance directorate

Financial management & stewardship (inc. audit)

Quality systems & surveillance

Corporate governance & risk management

Provider relationships & performance management

Clinical outcomes & patient experience

Complaints management

Business intelligence

Strategy (inc. primary care) & innovation

Communications & engagement

Operational planning & in-year delivery

PMO, pathway development & service change

Equalities & human rights

Collaborative/lead commissioning

Medicines management

Human resources & organisational development

Commissioning support service contract & procurement

Locality development

Clinical leadership development

Continuing healthcare & individual funding requests

Clinical networks

Governing Body secretariat


Interface with public health

Facilities & IT


A full structure chart showing our management support team will be published here shortly.




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