​Other governance

Council of Members

The Council of Members holds the Governing Body to account, approves the CCG’s strategic plans and votes on other matters as required.
The Council meets twice a year, with membership including a GP practice lead from each of our 42 member practices.

Clinical Executive Committee

Chaired by Dr Jagjit Rai, the Clinical Executive is the main source of clinical advice to the Governing Body. 
Membership is diverse, including the Governing Body, clinical programme leads and representatives from Surrey County Council public health and social services, ensuring a wide range of clinical perspectives inform the work of the CCG.

External Audit Services

Awarding of Contract for External Auditors to KPMG LLP

Following the conclusion of a procurement process for external audit services (undertaken jointly with Surrey Heath, Guildford and Waverley and Surrey Downs CCGs); North West Surrey CCG Governing Body approved the recommendation to appoint KPMG LLP as external auditor.  The recommendation was made by an evaluation panel comprising representatives from each CCG. The panel rated KMPG's proposal as achieving the highest score against the evaluation criteria and demonstrating the greatest value for money compared to other proposals received.

The contract with KMPG was awarded on 28 October 2016 and an individual contract order form will be issued (under the CCS Consultancy ONE framework agreement terms and conditions) for KPMG LLP to commence appointment. The contract start date is 1 April 2017 and the contract term is for 36 months (with the option to extend for a further period of 24 months). 

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