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pdf AGENDA Governing Body Part One 28 November 2016 (Final) Popular

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AGENDA Governing Body Part One. 28 November 2016 (Final).pdf

pdf GB149 16 Declaration of Interests (GB) Popular

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GB149-16 Declaration of Interests (GB).pdf

pdf GB151 16 Actions Log (Revised) Popular

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GB151-16 Actions Log (Revised).pdf

pdf GB152 16 (i iii) GB's Committees Minutes Popular

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GB152-16 (i-iii) GB's Committees Minutes.pdf

pdf GB153 16 Primary Care Commissioning C'mtee Minutes Popular

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GB153-16 Primary Care Commissioning C'mtee Minutes.pdf

pdf GB154 16 Risk Register and Assurance Framework Popular

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GB154-16 Risk Register and Assurance Framework.pdf

pdf GB155 16 Contract Performance Report (month 6) Popular

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GB155-16 Contract Performance Report (month 6).pdf

pdf GB156 16 Finance Report Month 7 Popular

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GB156-16 Finance Report - Month 7.pdf

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