Rachael Graham - Associate Director of Contracting

Rachael manages the Strategic Contracting and Procurement Team ensuring services are monitored against their contractual obligations. The team works closely with other members of the CCG to design and specify services, undertake procurement programmes, contract negotiation and maintain a continuous quality assessment of performance.

Amy Igweonu - Head of Acute Contracts
Deborah Nixon – Senior Acute Contracts Manager

Glenn McPeak - Head of Ambulance Contracts

Peter Carvalho - Senior Contract Manger, Ambulance Contracts

Helen Snelling - Senior Contract Manager, Primary Care Co-Commissioning

Gigi Langlois-Pearson - Primary Care Contract Support

Vacant Post – Head of Non Acute Commissioning

Dinah Miu - Assistant Contract Manager, Non-Acute (Third Sector ) Services 

Amber Byrne - Manager, Procurement Programmes

Teresa Truett - Business Support Assistant

Contact number (via Teresa Truett) 01372 232 516