To support us in delivering better health outcomes for patients and improve the work environment for our staff, we introduced the Equality Delivery System (EDS). This system helps us to see how we’re doing and develop a set of Equality objectives for 2014-2018.

The CCGs Governing Body has agreed the following Equality objectives:

Objective 1:  To understand the health needs of our local people and ensure that services commissioned reference the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and reduce health inequalities.

Objective 2:  To ensure that equality is at the heart of the commissioning process, ensuring services are commissioned, procured, designed and delivered to meet the health needs of local communities.

Objective 3:  To provide a working environment where staff feel valued and are supported in their training and development needs.
The CCG summarised and graded its performance in relation to people with characteristics protected by the Equality Act 2010.  An external evaluation of the EDS has been carried out by Healthwatch Surrey, who have agreed that the assessment grading is a correct reflection of our current position.

You can view a copy of our summary and grading document.
Further information 
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