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As part of the Government's commitment to greater transparency, there is a requirement to publish online, central government expenditure above £25,000. HM Treasury has confirmed that this requirement also applies to NHS organisations. Please note there are certain exemptions. For further details of these, refer to the guidance issued by HM Treasury. Further details of the initiative are on the website. Publication will be by the end of the following calendar month.


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spreadsheet Master Register of Procurement Decisions and contracts awarded v0 3 ( xlsx, 26 KB ) (2080 downloads) Popular
pdf 2018 ( pdf, 594 KB ) (869 downloads) Popular
pdf CoI 2018 ( pdf, 456 KB ) (1031 downloads) Popular
pdf Paper7 Business Conduct Policy (& cover) ( pdf, 1.36 MB ) (966 downloads) Popular
pdf Surrey Heartlands COVID19 response to BAME staff FINAL ( pdf, 824 KB ) (191 downloads) Popular

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