Contract life cycle management is the process of systematically and efficiently managing contract creation, execution and analysis for maximising operational and financial performance and minimising risk.

The NWS CCG Contract Process

The contracts managed by the NWS CCG Contracts Team follow a uniform system which seeks to use contractual levers and processes to their optimum effect. Whilst there are some local variation to support the type of contract awarded, all contracts are subject to the same monthly cycle of processes:

Monthly Contract Meetings




Contract Review Meeting (CRM)

Holds overall control over finance and performance of the contract. Used as initial escalation point of key issues. Used to agree variations or service transfers.

  • Service provider and CCG Contract Leads.
  • Leads for associate organisations to the contract.
  • Finance Leads.  
  • Information Leads

Clinical Quality Review Group Meeting (CQRG)

Considers clinical quality, performance against national standards, adherence to service specifications, management of Serious Incidents and Never Events, risk registers, patient satisfaction

  • Service provider and CCG Quality Leads.
  • Service provider and CCG Contract Leads.
  • CCG quality lead GP/s.
  • Leads for associate organisations to the contract.
  • Finance Leads.  
  • Information Leads

Data Quality Improvement Plan Meetings (DQIP)

Resolves data issues and implements plans for data improvement mobilisation. Monitors reporting format and accuracy.

  • Service provider and CCG Information Leads.
  • Service provider and CCG Contract Leads.
  • Finance leads.  


Some particularly large contracts, typically those with Acute Hospital Trusts and Community Providers, will also have a Contract Management Board Meeting (CMB). Attendance at the CMB meeting includes senior Director Level representatives from the Service Provider and the CCG alongside Contract Leads, Quality Leads, Finance Leads and Information Leads. GP Leads are invited as appropriate. CMB meetings provide a forum to discuss issues having been escalated from the monthly performance meetings listed in the table above.

Performance/Challenge Process

Monthly data performance /challenge letters are raised by NWS CCG in accordance with the national SUS timetable. This letter includes outstanding challenges, any penalties applicable to national standards, correct provision of all contractual information and adherence to local metrics. The Contracts Team and Information Leads work with the Service Provider to reconcile any challenges in order to produce accurate statements each month.

Performance/challenge letters are validated by the Service Provider. Any challenges rejected by the Service Provider are considered by a selection of NWS CCG Leads and either closed or re-challenged with additional information. This information is then included in the final monthly performance/challenge letter.

Any issues which cannot be resolved through this process are taken through the contractual dispute resolution process.


There are also other standard meetings in place with specific Service Providers such as:

  • Joint QIPP (Quality Innovation Productivity and Prevention) Boards.
  • Contracts with multiple associates will hold separate associate meetings.
  • Where any specific issue requires additional attention

Formal minutes and/or action logs are maintained for all formal contract meetings held with providers.