A Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is made up of the GP practices that form its Membership. In May 2011 all GP practices within the five groups in North West Surrey agreed to configure as one Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) with three localities. Since that date GP practices in North West Surrey have been working together to establish NHS North West Surrey CCG as an effective, clinically led, patient focussed NHS commissioning body.

NHS North West Surrey pdf Constitution (3.08 MB)

Your Medicines Optimisation team is a dedicated group of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working towards the common goal of improving the use of medicines across North West Surrey.  Our aim is to ensure that patients within our local area get the medicines they need to achieve the greatest health outcomes for both the individual and the local community within the resources available.

We use our experience and knowledge of medicines to ensure medicines use is as safe as possible.  We constantly review new evidence and guidelines so that everyone can obtain the best outcomes from the medicines that they take.  By working closely with all members of local GP practices, we promote effective prescribing to prevent, as well as treat, disease to keep our local population healthy in future years.  We help patients with long-term conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, to use their medicines effectively to reduce disease progression and keep them healthier and more independent for longer.  Our monthly newsletter “Medicines Management Matters” is circulated to all GP practices and keeps everyone updated on current news about medicines.

We review new drugs that come on to the market and ensure that drugs that have been appraised by NICE are made available to those who will benefit most from them. 

We are working to tackle the issue of wasted medicines which has been estimated to cost the NHS £300 million each year of which £150 million is avoidable. 

We work with other local organisations including community pharmacies, Ashford and St Peter's Hospital, borough councils and community health services to pro-actively deliver a quality service and help patients make the best use of their medicines. 

Did you know?

  • If you have any unused medicines at home, you should take them to your local community pharmacy for disposal
  • If you have any queries or difficulties with your medicines you should first talk to your community pharmacist

Useful Links

Local prescribing decisions are available to view on the Prescribing Advisory Database

RPS Factsheet on Making the most of your medicines

You can contact the Medicines Optimisation team by ringing  01372 232400 or emailing us on contactus.nwsurreyccg@nhs.net

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