We take several approaches to involving people in our work – creating different ways for people to tell us what they think and influence our plans. Everything we hear from the public and stakeholders is carefully considered and used to inform our ideas and plans.

Stakeholder Reference Group

In 2018 we set up our Stakeholder Reference Group to ensure we have the voices of local people and their representatives at the heart of our planning. The group meets monthly and is made up of diverse community voices and healthcare representatives who play a central role in scrutinising and commenting on our plans as they develop.

Group members include:

  • Borough Council and Surrey County Council representatives
  • Healthwatch Surrey
  • CSH Surrey – community provider
  • Local residents/patient representatives
  • Local community/voluntary sector representatives

If you are interested in joining our Stakeholder Reference Group please contact us on 01372 232450.


Public events and activities

We run different events and activities to listen to the views of a wide range of people in our community. This includes everything from workshops and focus groups to public meetings, exhibitions and roadshows.

At these events we share information, ask for feedback, enable people to talk to the clinicians leading our work and discuss topics in detail to take the views of attendees.

Read more about the feedback from our engagement activity.

We welcome the chance to visit local patient or community groups to talk about our work. If you want us to come and talk to you about our plans – please contact us nwsccg.bigpictureprogramme@nhs.net or call 01372 232450.


Clinical Working Group

In 2018, (alongside the Stakeholder Reference Group) we set up our Clinical Working Group to provide clinical leadership to the development of the proposals and evaluation of the options. The group meets monthly and is made up of a cross section of our clinical community. It is this group that is responsible for developing the plans and proposals that will be considered by commissioners.

Members of the group are drawn from the following NHS and General Practice organisations:

  • North West Surrey CCG
  • Ashford and St Peter's NHS Foundation Trust
  • CSH Surrey
  • Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • NICs (the GP Federation in North West Surrey, which consists of 40 GP practices)
  • Surrey County Council

The Clinical Working Group is chaired by a GP Board Member of North West Surrey CCG.


Clinical events and activity

For our local clinical community, we have run a series of events that allow them to be involved in the development of proposals and help us think through how we can improve the delivery of services. Recent events have included:

  • Urgent Care Ambition Workshop
  • Workforce Planning
  • Urgent Care and Out of Hospital Strategy

Further events are planned as we consider different types of evidence to support the option development process.


CCG engagement channels

We also engage by building on existing local activity led by the CCG, which has its own patient and public engagement forum. The group helps us to understand local priorities and how changes to NHS services could impact on local people. All contributions are recorded and considered, ensuring that patient views influence the development of our plans.


Digital channels

We use social channels such as Twitter and Facebook to update people on our plans, live tweet from events, take feedback and answer questions. Follow the conversation by searching for #BigPictureNWS

We also produce a quarterly stakeholder newsletter sharing the latest news and updates with anyone who subscribes to hear more about this work. Sign up by emailing nwsccg.bigpictureprogramme@nhs.net