Early engagement

Between October 2018 and January 2019, we ran a series of events including an exhibition, roadshows, workshops and focus groups. We spoke to over 500 people about the challenges facing local services due to rising demand from a growing and aging population, tighter budgets and difficulties in recruiting the right staff. We discussed their views and experiences of local healthcare, focusing on care that takes place outside the big (acute) hospitals.

These included a series of open events including a number of local shopping centres (October – November), and some more targeted discussion events which focused specifically on urgent care and how we might provide walk-in type facilities in the future. These discussion events invited participants to consider a number of hypothetical scenarios which helped us understand what’s important for local people in accessing this type of care.

We heard a range of feedback from people telling us what is important to them when they need care urgently. This includes making care easily accessible, addressing health inequalities and the importance of guiding patients to the right place for their condition the first time.

Read the pdf feedback summary (862 KB)  from our early engagement. 

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