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Surrey Integrated Urgent Care Procurement pre-market engagement events

NHS North West Surrey CCG, as Lead Commissioner on behalf of four Surrey CCGs, hosted two pre-market engagement events during October 2017 in regard to the Integrated Urgent Care Procurement opportunity anticipated for launch in January 2018. 

Following consultation at engagement events in December 2016 and August 2017 the market strongly supported this pre-market engagement approach toward the procurement as opposed to a two stage ITT approach with negotiation.

The events were held at Dorking Halls, Reigate Road, Dorking, Surrey RH4 1SJ on Wednesday 4th October 2017 and Thursday 19th October 2017. 

All materials from these events are available below.

Pre-reading for October pre-market events

Information following the event on 4 October 2017

 Delegate List
Information following the event on 19 October 2017
Feedback on the Surrey Integrated Urgent Care (IUC) Procurement Service Specification

The procurement team has actively sought input from the market and stakeholders into the design and development of this service.  Two draft service specifications were released during October 2017 with a request to download and provide feedback on our commentary form.  The opportunity to comment on the document has now closed.  
Schedule for Pre-market IUC specification feedback
  ​Specification Release Date

​Deadline for Feedback
 Log of Changes to Specification V1 29th September 11th October
 Specification V2 ​​16th October ​23rd October
 Appendix B - Clinical Governance Toolkit  
Appendix D - IT Standards
​​ Appendix Ea - DoS profiling principles
 Appendix Eb - DoS Resource Guidelines
 ​Appendix F - Telephony Messaging Strategy
 Previous information from Market Listening Event 16 August 2017

Providers were asked to engage with Commissioners to discuss and give their opinion on the following questions. 

  • Will the differing local operational requirements for OOHs/extended primary care access pose a problem for providers/commissioners?
  • Considering the areas of service development and innovations identified:

a)    Have we captured everything or are there additional areas of service innovation available that we should consider for incorporation?

b) How feasible is service innovation within the available indicative financial envelope?

c) How can commissioners build a flexible contract model capable of developing and incorporating  future service change and innovation over time?

d) In your view, which is the optimum route to market?

  • Is there anything else we need to include/consider or anything that you wouldn't want included?"
You can read a summary of provider responses here.
provider poster Vocare A4.pdf

Previous information from Market Listening Event 21 December 2016

IUC Market Warming Event Agenda 21st Dec 2016.pdf