Many people feel a little nervous when it comes to getting involved in healthcare. However, you don’t need to be medically trained to tell us what you think of the NHS services available in your part of North West Surrey.

Most of our GP member practices now have a Patient Participation Group (PPG) up and running – an opportunity for patients to work with their GP practice to share thoughts and ideas, help with specific pieces of work that call for a patient perspective and act as a communicator between the practice and their community.

PPGs represent their practice population through North West Surrey’s Patient and Public Engagement Forum (PPEF), which in turn is represented on the CCGs Governing Body by William McKee (Governing Body lay member and PPEF Chair).

Your views really do impact on the commissioning decisions that we make. But we can only listen if you tell us.

To find out more about the PPG at your GP practice, speak to your GP practice manager.

The CCG also holds quarterly meetings with members from each locality - Thames Medical, Woking and SASSE.  The meetings help to promote good health and deeper levels of health awareness by encouraging and supporting activities via individual PPGs.  

If you are a member of a PPG and would like to attend these meetings please contact the Communications and Engagement Team  on 01372 232 463 or email You can also contact us if you'd like to set up a PPG or want more information about how to get involved in our work. 

Dates for CCG meetings with PPG members

All meetings take place at North West Surrey CCG, 58 Church Street, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 8DP

 Date  Time
 TBC 2020  TBC


Meeting minutes

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