In September 2019 the CCG formally lodged an appeal against the planning decision of Elmbridge Borough Council to refuse the change of use of the empty Burwood Ward to house Fort House GP surgery.

This appeal was rejected in November 2019 primarily on the grounds that further information was needed regarding the proposed additional car parking area, the quantifiable impact of digital transformation of services on parking demand and the absence of a cap in patient numbers.

Next steps

The CCG and Fort House surgery remain committed to finding a solution to enable the practice to operate from a modern and accessible space that meets the needs of patients.

We are meeting imminently with Elmbridge Borough Planning Officers, with the aim of quickly establishing the availability of feasible alternative estate in the area to house the GP practice. The outcome of this will determine whether we go back to the planning committee with an amended appeal.

In parallel we are working with partners, including CSH Surrey, to consider the future of Burwood Ward. As an empty space that costs the local NHS £200k per year it is essential we find a way to use this for local people’s health and wellbeing.  

Activity on this will progress at pace only after all options to house Fort House Surgery on the site have been exhausted. It will also consider the broader context of emerging plans for neighbouring areas such as Weybridge and Molesey.  

We will continue to keep our website updated and share the latest information with partners when available.