Due to some inaccurate information circulating on social media, the CCG is providing an update on proposals relating to walk-in services in North West Surrey.

At this stage there is no proposal to close Woking walk-in centre. The work the CCG is doing – a programme called The Big Picture - is a review of urgent care and walk-in facilities across North West Surrey. This piece of work will not affect any of the other services available at Woking Community Hospital such as the Bedser Hub or other outpatient facilities.

There are new national standards for walk-in care that have been introduced by NHS England that we have to respond to as a local Clinical Commissioning Group. Under these new standards, walk-in facilities (such as walk-in centres, minor injury units, urgent care centres) are no longer expected to operate in their current form.  Instead, any walk-in facilities providing urgent care need to meet the new standards for 'Urgent Treatment Centres'. This includes a service that is GP-led (rather than nurse-led), open for a minimum of 12 hours a day, from 8am - 8pm, able to provide diagnostics (such as X-ray, blood and urine tests and others) and able to provide some bookable appointments from NHS 111.

We are looking to see how we meet these standards across North West Surrey.  There is a gap in service provision between current walk-in centre facilities and these new Urgent Treatment Centres (particularly the need for these to be GP-led) and we need to work out how to bridge that gap. We are required by NHS England to 'designate' which of our sites become Urgent Treatment Centres and part of our work is looking to see if we can do this at all of our existing sites or if we can / should provide services in a different way. This might mean reducing the number of walk-in sites.

We have recently published our list of 7 potential options; this includes having 4 Urgent Treatment Centres (at all 4 sites – Woking, Weybridge, St Peter’s and Ashford), to having just one UTC at St Peter's and various options in between. We have not made any decisions and should we propose to close any of our existing walk-in sites we would hold a full public consultation. 

We welcome people’s views and they can contact us using the details at the bottom of this page.